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Word Count Thursday

What am I working on?

I'm working on something new. I'm still working on my star crossed scripts, I got like over 500 words on it. But my new thing is actually an old thing that I had like 50 words on and then was like oh I remember this! And so I opened the doc and started writing again and now I'm at like 1000 words. Its interesting and so far very much character driven rather than plot driven. No real villains just a bitchy girl. hahaha

How do I feel about this process? 

My new project seems to be going by at a good pace. I'm trying to work on it everyday to get it done. I have somewhat of a clear idea of where I'm going but the characters seem to have a mind of their own and I'm just putting down their words and story.

What am I reading?

I need to start reading a book for my forensic anthropology book report but i haven't picked one yet. LOL. Also Ive been reading a lot of stuff about dogs cause I'm getting a puppy tomorrow!!! So I might post a cute pic of him on saturday. His name is Dale and hes a lab mix and hes two years old!


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Word Count Saturday

What am I working on?

Star Crossed Academy scripts still. I'm trying to finish up so I can read for a book report in another class. Hahahaha.

How do I feel about this process? 

I have about 1,000 words on my script but I'm having trouble finding direction. Like I have all the characters fully fleshed out and know how I want to persent them but I'm having issues find a reason for the show. Like a real plot. So thats getting a little difficult and so I'm thinking if I figure that out I can slowly weave it into the episodes.

What am I reading?

Nothing cause I suck. I'm finishing up watching Bones

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*I apologize for any bleps from my odd recording software and my bad microphone*

Here is my podcast. I had a lot of fun making it.
Its inspired by the styles of Welcome To Nightvale mixed with a webseries called Carmilla and my own ideas.

I have learned my microphone is kind of way bad. I'm interested it doing more of these.

Music used is from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. Its Snow Point City's night music that I edited for my use.