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Star Crossed Academy Script: Episode 2.

Have a Star Crossed Academy Script! I welcome suggestions!! Please suggest things and critque it!

SCA Late Night Report (Star Crossed Academy)
(host of show, very dry and sarcastic smooth voice
Orrr use my sassy-ish princess style voice with the sarcasm):
Hello and welcome Star Crossed Academy to another late night report. I’m your host aqua speaking and boy do we have a packed full broadcast for you tonight.
            First off I would like to make a quick announcement.
My producer so kindly informed me that it’s actually new student season.
Which …. Makes sense because we've been getting a lot of dumb questions submitted lately.
Well on the behalf of the entire crew here at the SCA Late-Night Report welcome new students! And remember to tune into the Late Night Report every weekend, so you can stay up to date with the school and any warnings we may have for you.
...what? I’m not going to apologize for what I said last week. Deal with it Knight.

Well on tonight’s report we have a check in with Timothy our latest insider, the goings ons for the week around campus and with faculty members. Let’s not forget the weekly weather, and hopefully we will actually get that report from Stella this broadcast.

Alrighty so first up is our meet up with Timothy. As some of you heard on last weeks short..short session, Timothy sacrificed himself for two of our A minus reporters. (minus because they killed Timothy).
Well Timothy has now been assigned Night Classes. Which as most of you know is no bueno. There are a total of 6 night class students including Timothy now and we are going to discuss with him why exactly he has been sentenced to night classes.
So Timothy can you tell us a little bit about your run in with the vampire professors here on campus?
 (fairly innocent, is one of those people who isn’t completely sure whats going on. Has a tendency to say statements as a question and will blurt out things that can be taken wrong):
Yes well one of my uh partners kicked a pebble or something and umm alerted the vampires and I told them to get out of there while I distracted the uh group.
You are so brave Timothy. What happened after the other two left you for dead?
Well umm I remember the vampire group grabbing me and then I felt a searing pain and I uh blacked out, I guess. Next thing I know I’m in my dorm and being told I have to attend night classes.

You poor precious child. Well.. can you tell us whether or not you have actually been changed?
I have. I think.
Well have you been having any cravings? Hatred or allergic reactions to the sun or garlic.
Not really, I fricken love garlic. But super bright things do irritate me now I guess.
            Have you noticed any new abilities? I know it’s only been a week, but have you noticed anything new about yourself lately.
Well I have realized that time seems to move way slower now. Or I guess I move faster. I’m not sure. But my eyesight it like completely healed, I don’t need my glasses anymore. Also I def can hear how fast Drake’s heart is racing. Maybe you shouldn’t sit so close to him Aqua.
Nahh it's probably just a leftover reaction from the full moon last night. Right bud? Yeeeah. Well you still being able to eat garlic definitely shoots a hole in that myth about vampires.
                        Thanks for the talk Timothy.
You heard it here first folks, the vampire faculty actually turned a student for the first time in over a century. And the myth of vampires being killed by garlic has been busted.

            Moving on let's talk a little bit about what has happened at school this last week and what could potentially happen this week.
            Starting off the full moon made an appearance last night and thankfully there were no accidents. Unlike last month huh Drake?
            Well looks like no one failed Ms. Smith’s pop quiz. Go you guys. However there has been news of new testing from the homeland of America called Standardized Tests. While our *clears throat* lovely school is one of the brightest high school college mixes we are being forced to take more tests to prove our worth. How unnecessary.
            So prepare for that in the hopefully far off future.
            According to a few of our insiders one of the vampire teachers, Dr. Kamaki to be exact, has been let go. We can only assume it is because he turned a student and not because he was an awful biology teacher. Tenure and all.
            Going along with the firing and hiring of teachers, two new chefs has been added to the roster for the west cafeteria. Their names are Mr. Todd and Ms. Lovett. They specialize in meat and meat based dishes. So, if you do not consume meats I suggest skipping the west cafeteria or at least not going in their line.
            I am one of the non-meat eaters on campus and felt the wrath of Ms. Lovett because I refused to take her meat pie. Which seems like an oddly familiar thing to put together. I mean Ms. Lovett and meat pies, I know there is a connection there I just can’t place it.
            Anyways! Faculty have been extra sensitive this past week. Their effort to find us last session was in no way of use to them because we are all way too smart for them here in the studio.
            Also, this past week Drake had the unfortunate experience to be hit on by one of the fearleaders. I mean cheerleaders. But who am I kidding, they creep everyone out and actually strike fear in our rival school. For those of you new students who don’t know who our rival school is, it’s a little school up north called Smooth Sailing Academy.
            This may not seem like a real name of a fellow academy, it is however. It is also a play on our name, seeing as star crossed is a phrase of bad luck while smooth sailing is good luck. They also specialize in students whose abilities have to do with healing and water. There is also the same jumble of mythical beings we have here of course.
Anyways this coming week seems to be fairly normal for us all here. There will be the usual room check on either Wednesday or Thursday and only two hounds should be used on leashes in the dormitories. No need to hide in fear of these two, I believe it will be Eustace and Victoria on leashes as per usual. 
            We can also expect this week to have some new inventory in for our library and sports departments. More on that delivery next week.
            Moving on to the weather for this upcoming week. Look like the Northside of campus will still have snow so pack those winter coats kids. This is however good news for our ski team, getting in some extra practices this season already. On the East and South sides of campus there will be clear sky’s all week, which is great for our sports teams. Which reminds me there is already going to be a match for the girls Tennis and Volleyball teams this coming week. Tennis will be on Thursday while the Volleyball team also known as The Medieval Spikes is Friday.
            Last but not least the west side of campus will be cloudy all week with like a 75% chance of it raining on Wednesday. Good luck to the gardening students out there!  Half of your gardens will be soaked while the other half dry as the desert. So, sorry about that.
            Speaking about deserts, the annual geography field trip to Death Valley back on the mainland is in two weeks. Make sure all your forms are filled out so you can go.  
            That is about all I can tell you for next week. We unfortunately had a rough time with professors here on campus this week so we weren’t able to get as much information this time.
              I do hope you all have a safe night out there. And don’t forget to tune into the Relationship Broadcast on Thursday night. Timothy will be a guest star, which is the only reason I’m encouraging you to listen to that show.

            Well stay indoors after 10, be wary of your teachers and keep your allies close. Stay safe Star Crossed Academy, stay safe. 


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