Rose's Lament

Here is something new I'm working on. This is all I have so far and I'm trying to see where I want to take it. I'm exploring a lot more magical creatures and this one has faeries in it! By the way, faeries are the evil ones who steal children and fairies are the good ones like tinkerbell.
(Title is based off a song I was listening too and not the actual title yet)

I can see how happy you are but I just feel so... sad.

The girl in the pastel blue dress sat on a swing set alone on this friday night, not unlike many other friday nights. She swung so slowly her feet barely graze the wood chips beneath her. Her long brown hair hung in braided pigtails over the front of her dress.

“You look cute tonight,” A boy said as he walked up and sat in the swing next to her. She glanced up through her eyelashes in acknowledgement. “So what's going on in faerie world tonight?” He looked at her from his seat.

“Shhh,” The girl said harshly pointing at the flowers at the edge of the forest. There dancing among the flowers were small lights. Any ordinary person would dismiss them as simple fireflies but a true observer would not that fireflies flew much higher than these small dancing lights.

Amongst the flowers little creatures flitted along petals and leaves doing faerie things not noticing the human observers except one. This small garden faerie saw the human girl often. She always wore a blue dress and her hair in braids. However she was always to afraid to go up and talk to the human girl. Even when the human girl sat alone on the swings observing the faeries, this little pink garden faerie refused to make her presence known.

Word Count Thursday

What am I working on?

I'm working on something new. I'm still working on my star crossed scripts, I got like over 500 words on it. But my new thing is actually an old thing that I had like 50 words on and then was like oh I remember this! And so I opened the doc and started writing again and now I'm at like 1000 words. Its interesting and so far very much character driven rather than plot driven. No real villains just a bitchy girl. hahaha

How do I feel about this process? 

My new project seems to be going by at a good pace. I'm trying to work on it everyday to get it done. I have somewhat of a clear idea of where I'm going but the characters seem to have a mind of their own and I'm just putting down their words and story.

What am I reading?

I need to start reading a book for my forensic anthropology book report but i haven't picked one yet. LOL. Also Ive been reading a lot of stuff about dogs cause I'm getting a puppy tomorrow!!! So I might post a cute pic of him on saturday. His name is Dale and hes a lab mix and hes two years old!


Word Count Friday!

What am I working on?

I'm working on more scripts for Star Crossed Weekly Report AGAIN!!
This is hopefully gonna be my narrative thing. Cause ehhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

How do I feel about this process? 

It takes a dang while! I'm using a lot of talk to text things cause its easier to get my ideas down and then go back and refine and add more details to make it all sound perf!

What am I reading?

Fanfictions cause I be procrastinating my homeworks for everything.


Word Count Friday

Guess who Forgot Again :D

What am I working on?

I'm working on more scripts for Star Crossed Weekly Report!!
I have a butt ton of ideas for it and am trying to get them all down. I now have access to a good recording mic and people to use as my reporters!!

How do I feel about this process? 

Overall i'm not bummed out. I'm to amped up and excited about it!!
I have like 1 and a half scripts done!!!!!

What am I read?



Star Crossed Academy

Star Crossed Academy Weekly Report

*I apologize for any bleps from my odd recording software and my bad microphone*

Here is my podcast. I had a lot of fun making it.
Its inspired by the styles of Welcome To Nightvale mixed with a webseries called Carmilla and my own ideas.

I have learned my microphone is kind of way bad. I'm interested it doing more of these.

Music used is from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. Its Snow Point City's night music that I edited for my use.


The Tale of an Idiot and Warning to all Mortals

Super Work in progress. So much is going to change. So much.

The Tale of An Idiot and A Warning to All Mortals
The accounts of the tale of Captain Stark and his unfortunate choices is told creatively through the study of his old records. Many captains logs from both his private study and that of the Captain of his prison ship along with a first-hand account were regarded before expressing his story to those who wish to hear of this legend. Take his story as a lesson and a warning to those who wish to cross paths with death early in life and be like Captain Henry Jones Stark.

Chapter 1
In the Captain’s Cabin of the ship named Pulcherrima Morte three men and a mythical creature resided. Two of the men were of a towering height and although they had different hair colors they were indeed twins. These two were the muscle, just bodyguards to make sure nothing went awry. They were placed at opposite sides of the small cabin, one by the door and the other in the corner behind the third man. This man sat on a chair in front a decently sized wooden desk pushed up against the port wall. He was of average height with a slight beard, about as much as he could grow for his young age. His captain’s hat sat on top of short dark brown curls. The air of arrogance and pride surrounding him made the woman in the room disgusted.
Across from this captain was a tub made of wood and tar and filled with seawater...and a mermaid. The mermaid herself had on a white shirt along with a black vest on top, the men of the ship insisted she cover up if she were to be presentable to any mortals. Her tail was a Caribbean kind of color, a blue green that is known to the colonies near the Americas as the ideal sea color for fishing. Her auburn hair spilled over her back and the side of the tub as she stared at the wall in front of her avoiding the gaze of the young captain. Her hands fiddled with a black captain's hat as she waited not so patiently for him to speak
“I will make a deal with you if you so choose to negotiate with me,” The captain finally spoke glaring her down, his intimidation act did nothing but make the mermaid feel tired of talking with him even though the conversation just began.
“Why don’t you offer me something? Make some demands Captain Stark.” The mermaid spared no glance his way choosing to place the hat on her head instead. Stark straightened up in his chair and prepared himself to speak just as the cabin door was thrown open.
“Captain! There’s a royal guard ship heading our way! And the other ship is getting restless,” A young sailor said who now stood in the doorway.
In an instant the mermaid sat straight up in her tub pointing at the Captain “Hold him down boys! Push off from his boat and get as many knots between us and that ship as possible Jack!” The mermaid commanded, the young boy nodded and left letting the door swing shut. The glare of the mermaid now turned to the captain who was being held down in his seat by the two guards.
“Stark you look rather pale. Did this not go according to plan?” She leaned over the side of her tub water dripping to the floor. The other captain said nothing and cast his look downwards almost as if he was ashamed at the turn of events.
“Lock him to the chair,” the mermaid ordered as she shifted in the tub, “I see him as no threat to me. Leave us, but stay outside the door.”  She waved her hand toward the door tiredly. The large men shoved the chair forward to get behind the traitor tying his hands and his chest to the chair. The two large men looked at their captain once more before exiting her cabin.
The mermaid sighed and gripped the sides of her tub leaning over glaring daggers at the captain. “You are in no situation to make demands or a deal now. You.” She paused looking him up and down with murder in her eyes, “You’re my prisoner now. How does that feel?” The smirk she wore could be heard in her words and Captain Stark did not have to nor did he look up to know it was there.
As the Author, I must warn you, a mythical creature making demands towards any mortal is a dangerous situation. If you are in the unfortunate situation that Captain Stark is currently finding himself in do all that the ethereal being asks. Survive at all costs. Do not provoke the being. Please for the love of the Gods do not provoke.

Word Count Wednesday

Only one day late this time!!!!

What am I working on?

I'm currently attempting some poetry and working on getting my words down on paper for my Mermaid Pirate story.

How do I feel about the process?

Its so odd guys. Like I create the whole world and story in my mind but putting it down on paper is soooooooo hard and doesn't do it justice.

What am I reading?

Not what I should be! Lots of online comics and normal comic books
and the Stephen Kings on writing.


Word Count Friday

I remembered.

What am I Working on?

I'm working on my short story for this class. Its about pirates. I had no plans on how to go about it and now I have the beginnings of a book. Help me.

How do I feel about the process?

I'm such a panser. I made up some characters and was like yeah I like this situation, it would make a good short story. And then.... it got an actual story that could happen and I want to see what happens to my characters.

What am I reading?

Ummm many articles about Great White Sharks and Sharks in general for my informative speech.


Star Child

I could write a thousand poems
relating your freckles to the stars
and I probably will.

How can I adequately describe
your beauty with out relating them
to the most incredible objects 
in space

Perhaps you are the child of

A thousand stars shattered
just to give you
such beautiful

I want to create my own.

Connecting your freckles
my fingers
with my lips.

(Shout out to that cute girl with freckles that I saw that inspired some poetry! Which I haven't written in forever.)


Word Count Wednesday

Eeeeeyyy late again I see. This is what happens when you get a fever and spike at like 101 degrees.

What am I working on?

I got an Idea when i was in class on Monday about mermaids. I'm writing about a fancy mermaid now. I'm in love with my idea.

How does thou feel about the process?

I'm like creating the whole thing in my mind. I'm in love with the world and story and just can't get myself to write it down to share it.

What am I reading?

Stephen King's On Writing

OMG! CHECK PLEASE! It's on tumblr. I've read it all like twice. Its about Hockey and gays. I love hockey.