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Word Count Friday

Guess who Forgot Again :D

What am I working on?

I'm working on more scripts for Star Crossed Weekly Report!!
I have a butt ton of ideas for it and am trying to get them all down. I now have access to a good recording mic and people to use as my reporters!!

How do I feel about this process? 

Overall i'm not bummed out. I'm to amped up and excited about it!!
I have like 1 and a half scripts done!!!!!

What am I read?


Star Crossed Academy

Star Crossed Academy Weekly Report

*I apologize for any bleps from my odd recording software and my bad microphone*

Here is my podcast. I had a lot of fun making it.
Its inspired by the styles of Welcome To Nightvale mixed with a webseries called Carmilla and my own ideas.

I have learned my microphone is kind of way bad. I'm interested it doing more of these.

Music used is from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. Its Snow Point City's night music that I edited for my use.

The Tale of an Idiot and Warning to all Mortals

Super Work in progress. So much is going to change. So much.
The Tale of An Idiot and A Warning to All Mortals The accounts of the tale of Captain Stark and his unfortunate choices is told creatively through the study of his old records. Many captains logs from both his private study and that of the Captain of his prison ship along with a first-hand account were regarded before expressing his story to those who wish to hear of this legend. Take his story as a lesson and a warning to those who wish to cross paths with death early in life and be like Captain Henry Jones Stark.

Chapter 1 In the Captain’s Cabin of the ship named Pulcherrima Morte three men and a mythical creature resided. Two of the men were of a towering height and although they had different hair colors they were indeed twins. These two were the muscle, just bodyguards to make sure nothing went awry. They were placed at opposite sides of the small cabin, one by the door and the other in the corner behind the third man. This…

Word Count Wednesday

Only one day late this time!!!!

What am I working on?

I'm currently attempting some poetry and working on getting my words down on paper for my Mermaid Pirate story.

How do I feel about the process?

Its so odd guys. Like I create the whole world and story in my mind but putting it down on paper is soooooooo hard and doesn't do it justice.

What am I reading?

Not what I should be! Lots of online comics and normal comic books
and the Stephen Kings on writing.