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Word Count Friday

I remembered.

What am I Working on?

I'm working on my short story for this class. Its about pirates. I had no plans on how to go about it and now I have the beginnings of a book. Help me.

How do I feel about the process?

I'm such a panser. I made up some characters and was like yeah I like this situation, it would make a good short story. And then.... it got an actual story that could happen and I want to see what happens to my characters.

What am I reading?

Ummm many articles about Great White Sharks and Sharks in general for my informative speech.

Star Child

I could write a thousand poems relating your freckles to the stars and I probably will.
How can I adequately describe your beauty with out relating them to the most incredible objects  in space
Perhaps you are the child of Cassiopeia.
A thousand stars shattered just to give you such beautiful constellations.
I want to create my own.
Connecting your freckles with my fingers or with my lips.

(Shout out to that cute girl with freckles that I saw that inspired some poetry! Which I haven't written in forever.)

Word Count Wednesday

Eeeeeyyy late again I see. This is what happens when you get a fever and spike at like 101 degrees.

What am I working on?

I got an Idea when i was in class on Monday about mermaids. I'm writing about a fancy mermaid now. I'm in love with my idea.

How does thou feel about the process?

I'm like creating the whole thing in my mind. I'm in love with the world and story and just can't get myself to write it down to share it.

What am I reading?

Stephen King's On Writing

OMG! CHECK PLEASE! It's on tumblr. I've read it all like twice. Its about Hockey and gays. I love hockey.


I procrastinate my homework by observing my nail polish. All are painted in a beautiful green purple metallic hue except for two which are red for the coming holiday. As I admire the green-purple shade I see a disturbance of light. A small flicker of a brighter glow which causes me to turn my gaze out the large window and up to the dark gray sky.
"The storm has arrived," I mutter just as thunder roars above my home. The smirk that graced my feature perhaps would look ominous had some one else been there to see. Pure coincidence in the timing of my words with nature, yet I have never felt more in tune with the world. At least in tune with nature, people are not my strong suit. The weather, however, is something I understand.

The rain is like a friend to me. From its soft drizzles to its torrential down pours, I can feel it calling. The rain is always so soft as it touches my skin. I feel as though I can stand under it for hours and even then I would not be able to fully underst…

Word Count... Thursday?

I always forget this.

What am I working on?
Im better developing a magical world I had written a short snippet of about the classic and cliché star crossed lovers.

How do I feel about the process?

Its cool. Lots of thoughts but I dont always get them all written down.

What am I reading? 

Stephen Kings On Writing
And Dead Men Do Tell Tales by William R. Maples

Camera Flashes

“So how do you think it works?” the teen boy asked his friends. Of course the one time Jonah decided to actually go on of the group's random hikes weird shit happens. It wasn’t going to be a tough hike, just a nice forested walk to the mountains and then a gentle incline to a cool cave. Jonah assumed because it was going to be easy it would be like when they hung out at the mall: just walking and talking.

Not this time.

Of course when the group of four reached the top of one of the small inclines near the cave there was a creepy free floating camera in the dead center of the rocky path. The old Polaroid seemed to be free of strings and a pedestal as it hung suspended five feet off the ground. The teens had been frozen in shock and no one murmured a sound for a few minutes when they had first come upon the scene. Now, however, the boys and girl fidgeted after Jonah broke the awkward and mostly freaked out silence.

“Go touch it Eric,” Marie, a small blonde girl, said pointedly at her …

Word Count Wednesday

I forgot about this cause I had work..... 
What am I working on?
I'm currently writing some poetry and fixing up my magical realism short. I kind of like it so far.
How do I feel about the process?
I like the process. Its fun so far. tedious but fun. I like creating new worlds.
What am I reading?
On Writing by Stephen King
Fanfiction by lots of people.