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Rose's Lament

Here is something new I'm working on. This is all I have so far and I'm trying to see where I want to take it. I'm exploring a lot more magical creatures and this one has faeries in it! By the way, faeries are the evil ones who steal children and fairies are the good ones like tinkerbell.
(Title is based off a song I was listening too and not the actual title yet)

I can see how happy you are but I just feel so... sad.

The girl in the pastel blue dress sat on a swing set alone on this friday night, not unlike many other friday nights. She swung so slowly her feet barely graze the wood chips beneath her. Her long brown hair hung in braided pigtails over the front of her dress.

“You look cute tonight,” A boy said as he walked up and sat in the swing next to her. She glanced up through her eyelashes in acknowledgement. “So what's going on in faerie world tonight?” He looked at her from his seat.

“Shhh,” The girl said harshly pointing at the flowers at the edge of the forest. There dancing among the flowers were small lights. Any ordinary person would dismiss them as simple fireflies but a true observer would not that fireflies flew much higher than these small dancing lights.

Amongst the flowers little creatures flitted along petals and leaves doing faerie things not noticing the human observers except one. This small garden faerie saw the human girl often. She always wore a blue dress and her hair in braids. However she was always to afraid to go up and talk to the human girl. Even when the human girl sat alone on the swings observing the faeries, this little pink garden faerie refused to make her presence known.


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Star Crossed Academy Script: Episode 2.

Have a Star Crossed Academy Script! I welcome suggestions!! Please suggest things and critque it!

SCA Late Night Report (Star Crossed Academy) Aqua (host of show, very dry and sarcastic smooth voice Orrr use my sassy-ish princess style voice with the sarcasm): Hello and welcome Star Crossed Academy to another late night report. I’m your host aqua speaking and boy do we have a packed full broadcast for you tonight.             First off I would like to make a quick announcement. My producer so kindly informed me that it’s actually new student season. Which …. Makes sense because we've been getting a lot of dumb questions submitted lately. Well on the behalf of the entire crew here at the SCA Late-Night Report welcome new students! And remember to tune into the Late Night Report every weekend, so you can stay up to date with the school and any warnings we may have for you. ...what? I’m not going to apologize for what I said last week. Deal with it Knight.
Well on tonight’s report we have a…

Word Count Wednesday

What am I working on?

Star Crossed Academy script for the drama scene thing on monday. I'm nearly done. I have around 1,000 words now.

How do I feel about this process? 

Its interesting. I'm getting some inspiration from things. Created a rival school and all c: mwahaha
I'm also reimagining my main character. I'm torn between her being dry and sarcastic and rude like I did in the first take or sounding a little more femnine while still being sarcastic but sweet.

What am I reading?

Friend with Boys by Faith Erin Hicks

Chloe let me borrow it and I loved it soo much I bought it on amazon. LOL

I'm also about to read
The Bone Lady: Life as a Forensic Anthropologist by Mary H. Manheim
its for a book review in my Forensic Anthropology class and I will tell yall how it is when im done. Its due monday XD

Ghoul Friends

Ghoul Friends Chapter 1: Haunts That Want to Know You
“Are you trying to kill us?! Do you even know the difference between a child’s femur and an adult’s humerus?” The tall witch yelled at her apprentice.
“Umm yes?” said the beginner witch, her black velvet dress, short chestnut brown hair and black pointed hat made her look a lot more experienced than she really was.
“Remind me later that I am to send you to cram school to refresh your knowledge of the human body,” grunted the elder witch, “Honestly, you must learn these things if you want to survive Styx.”
“Yes ma’am,” The young girl said rushing to put back the kids’ femur and grab a humerus bone. Styx sighed to herself as she made her way back over to the steaming cauldron in front of her advisor. In all honesty, Styx knew all 206 bones in the human body and how there can be variations on that number depending on genetic diseases. But under the amount of pressure there wa…